Electrical Maintenance Technician

Diploma, 64 Credits

COURSE PLAN: Four Semesters

Because of innovation and technology the machinery that powers industry today is built around and relies on state-of-the-art data storage/communications, electrical, electronic, and mechanical interfaces.

This high tech industrial electro/mechanical field is wide open with opportunities for career employment and growth as an Electrical Maintenance Technician. Riverland's two year track of courses will help you prepare not just for a rewarding career but a career that will allow you to advance as is the case in so many high tech field.

As a student in the Electrical Maintenance Technician program you will learn the basics of machine electrical control and power systems

  •  power industrial electronics
  •  data monitoring and storage
  • along with electrical/ mechanical inter operation and maintenance.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) of today's high tech industrial equipment means the technician is able to monitor daily operation and use his or her skills and data to detect trends that may identify problems. The technician will also need to maintain the equipment by being able to quickly analyze equipment breakdowns so that down time can be minimized. This is the focus of an Electrical Maintenance Technician.

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Last Updated: May 19, 2016

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