Are you required to take Accuplacer?

Accuplacer testing is required for

  • New students registering for credit-based courses
  • All PSEO students
  • Returning students or transfer students who have not taken the Accuplacer test at another institution or successfully completed a college-level math and/or college-level English course.

Students are not required to take the Accuplacer test if they have

  • ACT sub-score of at least 16 in reading and 22 in math within the last two years.
  • An ACT score of 21 in reading is required for ENGL 1101 Freshman English within the last three years.
  • Students whose sub-scores are lower in one of these areas must take the Accuplacer test in that area.
  • Riverland does not use ACT composite scores.

Accuplacer and ACT test scores are valid three years for reading and two years for math.

If you have taken the Accuplacer test at another college or have completed a college level math and/or English course at another college, please send an official copy of your scores/grades to the Admissions Office.