Curious about the August 21st Solar Eclipse?

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Introduction to Astronomy 

This introductory course in astronomy focuses on the goal of learning the basic principles of astronomy, as well as being able to apply those principles to the study of various objects in our solar system, i.e. the solar planetary system, the sun, comets, asteroids, etc. Building rudimentary telescopes with lenses, studying celestial objects through a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, examination of various astronomical models, etc, provide in-class, lab-like experiences for students of the course. MnTC (Goal 3/NS and 2/CT); (3 Cr - 3 lect, 0 lab)

Riverland News

August 16, 2017

Road construction hinders Albert Lea Campus access during first week of classes

Download a map to learn how to get around road construction that blocks the main road access to the Riverland Campus.