Summer Scholars' Academy

Summer Scholars’ Academy in Albert Lea is a free program for students or adult learners who have graduated high school or earned a GED. In the Summer Scholars’ Academy, students prepare for college by taking pre-college Math and/or Writing.

Students receive guidance and support from dedicated instructors, Amy Wallin (Math) and Karen Kleinwort (English) and professional tutoring including college success Lunch & Learn seminars by our learning specialists Shailja Verma (Math) and Jane Bute (Writing).

The schedule is Tuesday and Thursday, 9am-11am (Writing) and 1pm-3pm (Math). One hour per week of tutoring is required for each class and noon hour Lunch & Learn seminars are highly encouraged.

What makes the Summer Scholars’ Academy special includes:

  • Small cohort with lots of individualized attention and support
  • Free to students
  • Free lunch provided
  • Free bus passes or gas cards provided
  • College success sessions to get ready to navigate college
  • Students who successfully complete a class receive a $150 scholarship to attend Riverland in the fall

To join, register for SSAC 0915 Writing and/or SSAC 0925 MATH.