STEM Comes Alive Boot Camp

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Riverland STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Comes Alive Boot Camp

The STEM Comes Alive Boot Camp is a free week-long program for teens and local high school students entering 9-12th grades. During STEM Camp, students will have the opportunity to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by taking part in curriculum, applied learning activities, STEM-based project learning, and field trips. Students will have the opportunity to explore future careers, job opportunities, and educational pathways. Please use the online application for proper registration.

This one-week program will increase students’ knowledge and skills through:

  • Highlighting important environmental and societal issues related to STEM
  • Interaction with Riverland Community College faculty and staff
  • Applied-learning activities with local STEM leaders
  • Fun research-based methods and projects
  • Guest speakers, field trips, and laboratory/outdoor activities
  • Team-building, games, and a supportive atmosphere!

Students receive guidance and support through dedicated instructors, advisors, counselors and tutors.

STEM Instructor
Riverland Instructor leading a session in STEM Camp

Important Dates to Remember

  • STEM Camp Dates: June 15th – June 19th, 2020
  • Application Deadline:  May 29th, 2020 - Space is limited!
  • STEM Camp is free for students


    Campers will Learn:
  • The importance of food
  • How food fuels the body
  • The significance of food safety
  • The interrelationships of food, exercise, health and nutrition
  • Why smart choices make a difference
  • The basics of food preparation
  • Food production from the farm to table
  • The impact of weather and the environment on food production
  • Principles of nutrition
   Campers Involved with:
  • College faculty
  • Industry professionals
  • Classroom and lab exercises in agriculture, and food science technology
  • Lab time making root beer and also yogurt
  • Guest speakers and STEM-based activities in community and laboratory settings
  • State-of-the-art STEM tools and equipment
  • STEM-based field trips to industries and businesses
  • Applied research methods to explore and solve problems
  • Interaction with faculty, industry experts and peers


    What We Do:
  • We establish a learning community where students learn, study and explore together
  • We explore STEM and the how it impacts our local and regional economies
  • We establish team-building skills and cooperation
  • We provide support through dedicated instructors, advisors, counselors, and tutors
  • We enjoy fun out-of-class activities and events to reinforce learning
  • We work together to set personal and career goals
    Graduates will:
  • Improve reading, writing, math, communication, and study skills
  • Increase confidence, leadership skills and motivation for college and STEM careers
  • Recognize the importance of STEM curriculum
  • Receive career exploratory advice and opportunities for future employment
  • Identify their learning style
  • Develop education and career plans