PSEO / Concurrent

Minnesota High school students wanting to take college-level coursework through Riverland while still in high school.

  1. Determine Eligibility & Apply
  2. Send Riverland your High School Transcripts (PSEO only)
  3. Register for and complete the required college readiness assessment, Accuplacer. Accuplacer testing is required before registering
    1. Students may substitute an ACT score of 21 or higher in Reading for English 1101, a score of 16 or higher in Reading to enroll in all other Liberal Arts courses and a score of 22 or higher in Math for college level Math courses.
  4. Register to attend Orientation
    1. PSEO students must attend an on-campus PSEO orientation and schedule an appointment with a Riverland Counselor.
    2. Concurrent students will attend a group orientation and registration at the high school.
  5. Buy your books at the Riverland Bookstore

Need Assistance?

Contact Taylor or see an Academic Advisor at the Austin, Albert Lea, or Owatonna campuses.

Phone: 507-433-0600
Text: 507-440-4236

Frequently Asked Questions