Hall of Fame Nomination

Hall of Fame Luncheon Ceremony - October 26, 2019

Hall of Fame Single Nominee Nomination Form 

  1. The nominee must have participated as a student or coach at Riverland College and/or performed exemplary duties for the athletic department of Riverland College 

  1. The nominee will not be eligible until 5 years from the date of leaving Riverland 

  1. The nominee would have created an outstanding record in at least one of the following:  

  • Outstanding athletic achievement i.e. All-Region, All-American and/or 

  • Outstanding athletic achievement as a player or coach after leaving Riverland and/or 

  •  Outstanding achievement in community service, service to Riverland or in one’s profession 

  1. Nominee may be selected posthumously 

Hall of Fame Team Nomination Form 

  1. The team will not be eligible for nomination until 5 years from the season of play at Riverland 

  1. An eligible team is any team that has brought recognition and honor to Riverland by its outstanding achievements I.e. MCAC conference champions, Region 13 Champions   

Nominations must be received by July 1, 2019, to be considered for this year’s induction ceremony.