Supervising, Leading and Human Resources

Riverland Customized Training and Education offers specialized training for those newly promoted supervisors in your company.

Here is your opportunity to grow employees and help them prepare for a supervisor or leadership position in your business. Our training covers a broad spectrum of subjects that will help your employees prepare. All course work is customized to meet the needs of any organization and may be taught in an hourly format or as college credit toward a degree path. Locations for training may include one of our college campuses, on-site at your business, or online. Our seasoned trainers bring real-world knowledge into the course content and provide a compelling and comprehensive experience for the learner. Trained leaders and supervisors provide a greater return-on-investment for the learner and for the employer. We focus on three main areas: Supervising and Managing, Leadership, and Human Resources.

Supervising and Managing Subjects

  • The difference between supervising and leading. How to use your strengths and the strengths of others to the fullest.
  • How to work through problems and issues that arise.
  • Managing your time and making the most of meetings you are involved in.
  • Skills that will help you pull your team together and work creatively towards your goal.
  • Who are your customers and what is really important to them.
  • Keeping your focus on quality and why it is so valuable.

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Human Resources Development Subjects

  • Workplace skills to help you recognize your strengths and the strengths of those you work with in order be more effective and efficient.
  • Performance management and coaching skills to help you recognize problems and the appropriate tactics to manage them as well as coaching your team to new heights.
  • Selecting the right employees and following labor laws is pertinent and keeping everyone safe and your organization in compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • Working with today’s diverse workforce.
  • Training your employees and what to look for to see success.

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Leadership Subjects

  • Emotional intelligence and what that means in today’s workforce.
  • How to develop the leaders you find in your organization.
  • The importance of ethics in the workplace and how to promote it.
  • Managing change in your organization and helping others to understand and deal with it.
  • Why is it vital to your organization to plan and set goals and lead the way through you vision, mission and value statements?
  • Different techniques to solving problems and issues that arise. Helping you understand the financial side of your organization.

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