Customized Training and Education offers computer applications training that will help improve the efficiency of your team. Whether your employees need introductory skills with a Microsoft® application like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, or they desire advanced skills like building a database in Access, Riverland Community College can help. We offer basic, advanced and expert level training on most Microsoft® applications and others upon request. Looking to increase the productivity of your team but not sure where to start? Give us a call. We will assess your training needs and customize a solution specifically for you.

Your Local Business Partner

When you choose Riverland Community College as your local training provider you get both convenience and cost savings. Locations for training may include one of our college campuses or on-site at your business. Local convenience saves travel time and other related meal and lodging expenses, not to mention avoiding the frustration of metro traffic! We also offer the convenience of half day workshops so your employees are not absent an entire day.

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Benefits of choosing Riverland

  • On-ground, instructor-led, hands-on learning that enhances learning retention
  • A computer for every student
  • Adjunct instructors who bring real-world experience into the classroom
  • Training manuals that reinforce what you learned and serve as a workplace resource
  • Competitive pricing

A Delivery Format That Works for You

  • Open Enrollment – registration is open to anyone
  • Closed Contract – open only to your organization, customized to meet client needs, delivered either on-site at your organization or at one of our three campuses
  • Online – offering classroom access 24/7, robust content, and responsive instructors

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