Campus Crusade - CRU Christian Fellowship

Managing going to school, having a job, completing homework, and being a parent can be overwhelming; through fellowship, reading, discussion, and friendship students are encouraged and feel valued.  The mission of the Christian Fellowship Club is to provide a safe/non-threatening environment that offers tools for both on-campus and on-line students to increase balance and peace in a supportive student-lead environment.

Advisor - Melissa Diegnau  melissa.diegnau@riverland,edu

This is a FREE club sponsored by Student activities.
Historically, we have been a book club that meets once a month both on the Albert Lea Campus and On-line to discuss what we are reading. We share what impacted us in our reading, ask questions about what we read, share movies/books/songs that we came across that we think others might like, and students offer prayer requests if inclined. This club is student lead. Our activities, such as books, are chosen by students and meeting dates are determined based on student feedback.

Online & On Campus students welcome!