Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Students who complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) at Riverland have completed the lower division general education requirements at all Minnesota public colleges and universities.

Transfer specialists in the Career and Counseling Centers will assist students in understanding the specific information about the MnTC. The MnTC curriculum commits all public colleges and universities in Minnesota to a broad educational foundation that integrates a body of knowledge and skills with a study of contemporary concerns. The competencies people need to participate successfully in this complex and changing world are identified. These competencies identify our common membership in the human community, personal responsibility for intellectual lifelong learning, an awareness that we live in a diverse world and the basic skills of discovery, integration, application, and communication. See Minnesota Transfer Curriculum requirements in the Liberal Arts & Sciences Section.

To complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) at Riverland, a student must take 40 credits from the list of courses which follows. The courses taken must meet the credit requirements in each of the five discipline (Communications, Humanities and Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics/Logical Reasoning) areas and must also include at least one course in each of the five thematic areas: Critical Thinking (CT), Ethical and Civic Responsibility (EC), Human Diversity (HD), Global Perspective (GP), and People and the Environment (PE). Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

The following guides do not include all 60 credits needed for an A.A. Degree. Students must consult with a counselor to develop an individual plan. Additional elective courses needed for the completion of an A.A. Degree should be selected from the courses numbered above 1000, and at least one credit must be in physical education, health, EMER, HCNA1200 or THTR1111. A minimum of 20 semester credits must be taken at Riverland. This requirement is reduced to 12 semester credits for students transferring from another Minnesota State College or University.

MNTC courses offered at Riverland

Transfer Grades

All college level courses in which a student has received a grade of A, B, C, D or P/S will be considered for transfer evaluation. No F grade courses will be accepted. Please note that while D grades will transfer and will fulfill Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) requirements, some programs require all courses to have a grade of C or higher to fulfill requirements.

MnTC Goal Areas

Goal 1

Communication - Minimum of 9 credits, including two courses in English Composition and one Speech Course.

Goal 2

Critical Thinking - Fulfilled when all MnTC goals are completed.

Goal 3

Natural Sciences - A minimum of nine credits, including two courses from two different disciplines. One course must be a laboratory course. 

Goal 4

Mathematics/Logical Reasoning - Minimum of 3 credits.

Goal 5

History and the Social & Behavioral Sciences - A minimum of nine credits, including two courses from two different disciplines.

Goal 6

Humanities and Fine Arts - A minimum of nine credits, including two courses from two different disciplines. All languages count as one discipline.

Goal 7

Human Diversity - One course minimum.

Goal 8

Global Perspective - One course minimum.

Goal 9

Ethical & Civic Responsibility - One course minimum.

Goal 10

People & the Environment - One course minimum.