Accuplacer Retest Policy

Students are eligible to test three times within a twelve (12) month period. The initial test and two retests. This includes Accuplacer assessments taken at other Minnesota State colleges and universities or at a high school. The second test must be a minimum of two (2) weeks after the initial test. There is no fee for the second test.

There is a retest fee of $20.00 for students who want to test a third time.

Riverland may allow students to test a fourth time provided they demonstrate remediation and pay a $20.00 retest fee. 

Remediation includes one or more of the following:

  • Current enrollment in or completion of developmental or ENAP coursework.
  • Completion of MyFoundations Lab units.
  • Documentation of participation in Adult Basic Education (ABE) refresher labs or courses.
  • Documentation of participation in other remedial coursework.

Permission may be granted by a Counselor or the Dean of Student Affairs to waive the number of retests and the retest timeframe for extenuating circumstances.