New PSEO Students - Getting Started!

Meet with your high school counselor and complete each of the following:

  1. Apply Online for admission to Riverland. There is no cost to apply
  2. Notice of Student Registration Form
    *Students need to submit two copies of this form at time of application, one for Fall semester and one for Spring semester.
  3. Student/Counselor Planning guide
  4. Submit a copy of your high school transcript/assessment scores to Riverland
  5. Submit all completed paperwork to:
               Riverland Community College
                            Attn: PSEO Coordinator 
                            1900 8th Ave NW
                            Austin, MN 55912               

Riverland will email and mail additional instructions detailing the process of enrollment once these essential forms are received.

*Riverland Community College reserves the right to not allow a high school student to register for classes if not college ready.