Congratulations to our Outstanding New Educator of the year, Jonathan Rymer!

Credits: Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence

Release Date: May 26, 2020

Categories: Area Media Stories

The Goal Is Simple

To publicly and meaningfully recognize those great people and organizations who have the most tremendous impact on our state’s high-quality transportation-related education programs.

The TCOE is proud to sponsor awards to educators, advocates, supporters, and industry partners, for their outstanding contributions to the field of transportation-related education.  Award winners are nominated by their peers, and recipients of these awards are selected by the TCOE Awards Committee each spring. We sincerely hope you will use this opportunity to help us recognize, and promote, the good work that is happening across the state of Minnesota in transportation education. 

Jonathan RymerJonathan is a Truck Driving Program instructor at Riverland Community College in Austin, MN. Many boast about his passion for his role in educating people, his knowledge of the industry and educational system and his tireless efforts to share opportunities and information with potential students, parents and other educators. Once again, congratulations!