Riverland Launches A New, More Robust College Calendar System

Release Date: February 8, 2021

Categories: Riverland News

The Riverland website has launched a new more robust events calendar. 

The new calendar system allows visitors to:

  • Easily add events to their personal calendars, set reminders, subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Set up email or text message reminders and event change notifications on events that interest them.
  • Share to your social media platforms.
  • Send event invitations, announcements, reminders, and registration information on your submitted events
  • Visitors can search for events by keyword or date 
  • Filter Calendars by audience and event type

Check out Riverland's new calendar at riverland.edu/Calendar

To submit your event information.  Click on the blue button labeled "Submit Your Event" and enter in your details. Submissions do not go live until the event has been verified as a legiimate Riverland event.