Scholarship Provides Free Riverland Tuition to Freeborn County H.S. Graduates

Release Date: January 23, 2024

Today, Riverland Community College Foundation, the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency (ALEDA) and the Albert Lea Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce announced the new Freeborn County Community Promise Scholarship to students at Albert Lea High School in a brief program.

This new scholarship allows Freeborn County high school seniors to attend Riverland Tuition-free after graduation. Graduates of the Class of 2024, who meet the eligibility criteria, may enroll in any program at any Riverland campus. As a last dollar scholarship, the Community Promise Scholarship pays the tuition not met by other forms of aid for up to 65 credits. This will allow a student to complete most Riverland programs without tuition costs.

“Developing and garnering funding for this scholarship has been a community collaboration over the last 18 months. It was initiated as strategy to strengthen our community and workforce as well as remain competitive with other communities in our region that are investing in post-secondary education, said Janelle Koepke, Dean of Institutional Advancement. “The scholarship provides access and opportunity to all students, which is central to Riverland’s mission.”

This Community Promise Scholarship is made possible through the financial contributions of community partner organizations, businesses, foundations, and individuals because they believe education matters and each student has promise.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for Freeborn County high school graduates to continue their education without the financial burden of tuition costs,” said Kat Linaker, Riverland president. “I am inspired by the work of Riverland’s Foundation, the businesses, foundations, and individuals who came together to sponsor this life-changing opportunity to our students in the county. It is through their generosity and collaboration that Riverland can educate tomorrow’s workforce.”

Besides, Albert Lea High School, the scholarship will be available to students who are residents of Freeborn County and graduates of Alden Conger High, Glenville Emmons High and New Richland, Hartland, Ellendale, Geneva (NRHEG).

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