Mission & Values


Achieve "Best in Class" status in programs through excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. 


Riverland Community College inspires personal success through education.

Heart of Riverland

Riverland Community College is dedicated to our students, our mission and our communities.


More about the Vision

Achieve ‘Best in Class’ status in programs through excellence in teaching, scholarship and service.

The revised vision is succinct, inspirational and aspirational. It suggests a process to attain excellence. It reiterates a goal to benchmark our outcomes to institutions both internal and external to MnSCU. It provides a strong impetus to strive for excellence intentionally. It recognizes our determination to exceed stakeholder’s expectations.

The vision aligns with the system vision

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system will enable the people of Minnesota to succeed by providing the most accessible, highest value education in the nation.

Operational Definitions for Riverland’s Vision

Best in Class

Top five percent among peer group (as defined by academic departments and divisions or service units and approved by the appropriate vice president/Riverland Cabinet), modeling integrated, research-based best practices in curriculum and instruction that exceed accreditation standards and other recognized indicators of excellence specific to each program area.


A single discipline or cluster of disciplines offering transfer or career and technical education. There is no reason to restrict the understanding of program to traditional definitions reminiscent of pre-merger days.


Recognized throughout the state and/or nationally for consistently superior performance, outstanding quality and achievement of measurable outcomes in delivery strategies that can be replicated and up scaled.


The process of instruction and guidance leading to the achievement of knowledge, skills, understandings and authentic application resulting from effective performance by employees entrusted with tutoring, academic advising, assessment, research, and curriculum and program development.


The pursuit, acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge through study and research.


Activities and continuously-improving initiatives to support the mission of the college. Examples include leadership and administration at all levels, admission and registration functions, bookstores, tutoring, facilities, human resources, business office, marketing, fundraising, counseling, financial aid, technology, institutional research and student housing.

More about the Mission

Riverland Community College inspires personal success through education.

The new Riverland mission supports the mission of MnSCU: The system of distinct and collaborative institutions offers higher education that meets the personal and career goals of a wide range of individual learners, enhances the quality of life for all Minnesotans and sustains vibrant economies throughout the state.

The revised mission also relies on the system strategic framework and Charting the Future report:

  1. Ensure access to an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans.
  2. Be the partner of choice to meet Minnesota’s workforce and community needs.
  3. Deliver to students, employers, communities and taxpayers the highest value/most affordable higher education option.

Furthermore, the revised mission embodies continuous improvement. It provides a strong foundation for evaluation, accountability and regional accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission and the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) pathway.

Riverland Community College arrived at the new mission and vision statements after consultation and deliberation with internal and external stakeholders beginning in Spring, 2013 with a survey addressing reaffirmation of the current mission, vision and values. Riverland Community College strategic planning sessions were held beginning in November 2013, with campus representation from faculty, staff and administration, and joined by community members from the Riverland Foundation Board. Further feedback was gained through community presentations, college town hall meetings, campus conversations, student focus groups and Faculty Shared Governance discussions, which took place January through March, 2014.

More about the Heart of Riverland Statement

Riverland Community College is dedicated to our students, our mission and our communities.

The "Heart" statement above incorporates Riverland’s previous values list into a simple statement intended to capture what drives our college toward achieving our vision and mission on a daily basis.