Strategic Vision

A Blueprint for Excellence - 2015 to 2020

Riverland's strategic framework is a five-year plan that supports the college's purpose and priorities and introduces positive change to meet the challenges of a global, complex and interconnected society.

Through a collaborative six-month process, this framework creates a working blueprint, a plan that can be adapted, moving forward. It is an invitation to experiment and explore future realities. It serves as a clarion call for:

  • Individual enterprise
  • Collective thinking
  • Collaboration

This synergy charts a future that will meet student needs and exceed community expectations.

An introduction from President Adenuga Atewologun.

Responding to Our Community, Playing to Our Strengths

As a primary public higher education institution in southern Minnesota, Riverland Community College understands its critical role to help bridge the region's workforce skills gap and prepare our residents for the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

Our strategic planning process revealed four major industries that require our targeted efforts: agriculturemanufacturinghealthcare and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, some of our residents ask us to expand opportunities for them to complete baccalaureate degrees in engineering, liberal arts and the sciences as close to home as possible.