Future Maverick (Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU)) Dual Degree Program

The Transfer Pathway is designed for students who enroll at Riverland, declare an intent to transfer to MSU, and then transfer to MSU. The Future Maverick Transfer Pathway includes five business programs:

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Accounting majors enjoy versatile careers that combine mathematics and logic with frequent interactions with people. Our program prepares you for a career in accounting, including becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who can work in taxation, auditing, forensic analysis and more. We also offer a Master of Accounting graduate program that fulfills the 150 credit requirements for taking the CPA exam and allows you to advance your career.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

As a Finance major, you'll choose one of five specialty areas-corporate finance, institutional finance, financial planning and insurance, general finance, and investment analysis-that will prepare you for success as a financial planner, banker, analyst and more. Finance majors are encouraged to enroll in the Maverick Fund course, which provides real-world experience managing investments for the University's Foundation.

Bachelor of Science in Management

If you look forward to being a leader, look into our Management major. Our distinct emphases - business management and human resources management-are designed to help you become an organized, effective and efficient leader who is able to work well as part of a team.

Bachelor of Science in International Business

The International Business major combines business, political science, history, foreign languages and geography to prepare you for a career involving different cultures and different economies. International Business majors often find work in supply chain management and logistics for small - to mid-sized companies around the world.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marketing allows you to combine creative talents with business skills. You'll gain a greater understanding of consumer behavior and the role of marketing in moving consumers to act. You'll learn about contemporary marketing issues, including social media and sustainability, and be ready to work in advertising, retail, sales or market research.


To be eligible for the Future Maverick Program - Transfer Pathway, students must:

  1. be admitted to Riverland Community College and have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours and a maximum of 30 credit hours
  2. be enrolled in Riverland's Associate in Arts, Business Concentration major
  3. be continually enrolled full-time with a minimum of 15 credits per semester
  4. be in good standing at Riverland and have a GPA of 2.75 (minimum and ongoing)
  5. declare as a major one of the designated Future Maverick Program, Transfer Pathway programs at Minnesota State University, Mankato
  6. submit a Declaration of an Intent to Transfer for the Future Maverick Program, Transfer Pathway at Riverland Community College.

Once you meet the requirements above, you will be eligible for the Future Maverick Program Transfer Pathway Guaranteed Tuition Scholarship Plan. The Guaranteed Tuition Scholarship Plan locks-in the Minnesota State University, Mankato tuition rate that is in effect when declared Future Maverick, Transfer Pathway students begin their second year at Riverland and remains locked through their graduation from Minnesota State University, Mankato four years later. Students must complete their Associate's Degree within five semesters (not counting summer), and apply for financial aid (state and/or federal) and private scholarships.



What can you expect if you participate in the Future Maverick Program?

  1. Students develop a plan of study to complete their Associate Degree at Riverland Community College and consult with a Minnesota State University, Mankato advisor to ensure that their plan meets the requirements for their bachelor's degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato.
  2. Students are admitted to both institutions simultaneously. With joint admissions, students are already students at Minnesota State University, Mankato when they transfer from Riverland Community College, if they meet requirements. Students may also concurrently enroll in courses at both institutions and have access to advising and other services at both institutions.


If you wish to participate in the Future Maverick Transfer Pathway, complete the "Future Maverick Program Interest Form."