Leasing a laptop

Students who enroll in more than six credits per semester or take a course that requires a laptop are required to lease a laptop from the College.  The cost of leasing a laptop is calculated into your college expenses if it is required for your program. If you are eligible for financial aid, it will potentially allow you access to greater financial aid benefits. If you have not completed your financial aid packet, you should contact a financial aid representative. 


The leasing price for the current school year is $550, or $300per semester. There are several advantages to leasing a laptop from the College, they are as follows:

  1. All technical support is included in the lease. If an issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner, a replacement unit is provided in exchange for your current laptop. Support is provided at all three Riverland locations on leased units.
  2. All software that is needed for your classes is provided and upgraded by trained technicians.
  3. On-campus wireless network access is included.
  4. All laptops are optimally configured to utilize the college networks and software, providing you a trouble free experience.