Supervising, Leading and Human Resources

Empower Your Newly Promoted Supervisors

At Riverland Customized Training and Education, we specialize in providing targeted training for newly promoted supervisors within your organization. This is your chance to nurture your employees and equip them for future leadership roles.

Comprehensive and Customizable Training Solutions

Our training spans a broad spectrum of topics essential for preparing your employees for supervisory and leadership positions. All courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and can be offered in hourly sessions, or as part of a college credit program leading towards a degree.

Flexible Training Locations

  • On Campus: Hosted at one of our college campuses for an immersive educational experience.
  • On-Site: Delivered right at your business premises for convenience.
  • Online: Available through our online platforms, providing flexibility to learn from anywhere.

Expert Trainers

Our seasoned trainers bring practical, real-world knowledge to the classroom, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. Investing in trained leaders and supervisors not only enhances their effectiveness but also delivers a greater return on investment for the employer.

Core Training Areas

  1. Supervising and Managing
  2. Leadership
  3. Human Resources
Peggy Young

Kim Schaufenbuel

Kim Schaufenbuel has recently joined Riverland Community College and brings with her training experience in the key areas of Leadership, Safety, Community Organizing, and Business practices. Additionally, Kim’s training responsibility will include Mental Health First Aid, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Truck Driving, among other disciplines. Kim can provide a customized training solution for nearly any need presented in our communities.

Contact Kim Schaufenbuel at 507-431-2250 or for more information about programs, courses, and services.