What is Customized Training?

Riverland Customized Training & Education, a division of Riverland Community College, provides a broad range of learning solutions that empower your employees with the skills and knowledge to excel. 

At Riverland, we know that providing your employees with strategic learning opportunities enhances their knowledge and skills – a key to your organization’s success. Let us design and deliver innovative, best in class education, training and services that actively engage your employees in the learning process focused on content relevant to your organization’s needs.

Riverland Customized Training Consultants will:

  • Collaborate with your team to evaluate your organization’s training needs
  • Design training solutions customized to meet those needs
  • Deliver training solutions when and where it works best for your organization: 
    • onsite, at a Riverland campus, or online

Riverland’s Customized Training and Education’s knowledgeable trainers have the front-line and real-world experiences to:

  • Help your employees acquire the skill sets necessary for industry success
  • Engage employees and decrease employee turnover
  • Deliver the results you need

We look forward to working with your organization to provide solutions and improve employee performance through goal-oriented customized training.