Austin Student Senate

The Austin Campus Student Senate is the governing body elected to represent the interests and concerns of the students of Riverland Community College.

The purpose of the Student Senate is to further the interests and promote the welfare of students, foster a college community, facilitate appropriate relationships, and to serve as the representative for students of Riverland Community College's Austin Campus to the administration and faculty of the college.

Review the by-laws of the Austin Campus Student Senate (.pdf)

Students interested in becoming members should:

  • Contact the Student Senate Advisor
  • Contact the Student Senate President, Vice President, or Secretary
  • Complete the Petition Form

How can I become a Student Senator?

To be eligible to serve as a Student Senator, you need to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits at Riverland Community College and maintain a GPA of 2.0.

  • Technical and Occupational Program students: During the first three (3) weeks of fall semester every technical/occupational program will elect two (2) senators as representatives of their class. Students in technical/occupational programs who are interested in serving as a senator should contact their program advisor.
  • Liberal Arts and Undecided students: Students majoring in Liberal Arts and Undecided students who are interested in serving as a senator must present a petition signed by 25 current Riverland students to the Student Senate Advisor:

Who can attend meetings?

Any enrolled student can attend a Student Senate meeting. However, only Senators can sit on consultation, review committees, and vote on proposals submitted to the Student Senate by other student clubs.



Alexis Persons


President: Helena Croce

Vice president: Nyibol Kuan

Secretary- open

Treasurer: Sho Sato 

Apply to be a Member!

Meeting Times

Fall Semester 2020 -
Tuesdays At 4p.m.