DARS/uAchieve Self-Service (Degree Audit Report)

We are excited to announce a new way to view your Degree Audit!

  • Degree Audit Self-Service (uAchieve Self-Service) is a new product that you can use to view your current degree audit (program that you currently have declared through Riverland) or you can choose to run a “What-If” audit. With a What-If audit, you can choose a program (other than your current program that you have declared) to see how your courses may be applied.

To access Degree Audit Self-Service, simply login to your Riverland eServices, click on “Academic Records,” and then “Degree Audit Portal.” Click on the link that states “Click here to access Degree Audit Self-Service” and log in with your StarID and password.

For step-by-step instructions on logging in and viewing your audit, please click on the link below and find documentation under “Support and Documentation.”


Yours DARS report will show you:

  • Courses or requirements already completed and/or still need to complete.
  • Course options to help plan a semester schedule.
  • Transfer courses received from other colleges/universities and their application toward a degree or program requirement.
  • Approved Academic Petitions/Exceptions to requirements or credit by exam.
  • If you meet all of the program and graduation requirements to graduate.

What the DARS is Not

  • The DARS report is not a transcript.  
  • DARS is a tool designed to assist you and your advisor/counselor in the advising process.   It is not intended to report student achievement to outside parties.  Federal law prohibits transmission to a third party. 

How do I get my DARS audit?

  • Login to your eservices account with your StarID and password
  • Click on Academic Records
  • Select Degree Audit 
  • Request a Degree Audit

How do I read my DARS?