DARS and Transferology

Transferring just got easier! Riverland Community College is a participating member of DARS (Degree Audit Report System) and Transferology - both of which are designed to provide fast and accurate course and credit transfer information to students.

DARS delivers an evaluation of the coursework necessary to complete your degree or program at Riverland Community College. Your DARS report will show your coursework completed at Riverland as well as coursework officially accepted in transfer to meet the academic requirements of your degree. To view your DARS you may log into E-Services,  under Grades and Transcripts and Interactive Degree Audit Report.

Login to E-Services

Transferology is a free Web-based transfer information system that can be accessed by any Internet user. Transferology is a collaborative effort by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the University of Minnesota, which helps transfer students move from school to school and earn degrees in a timely manner. Users have direct access to course acceptability, equivalency and applicability among participating institutions across Minnesota and the United States. Transferology enables students to immediately see how courses will fulfill degree requirements at the degree granting school.

Transferology features include:

  • Import your courses from Minnesota State eServices and instantly see how your courses transfer.
  • Add possible future courses to evaluate transferability.
  • Consider colleges and universities by course transfer match, size, tuition levels, and location.
  • Request transfer advising assistance.
  • Request admissions information.

NOTE: Information obtained through DARS and Transferology should be considered unofficial and must be verified through the Records Department of the degree granting school.

Access Transferology at www.transferology.com.