Tutoring Services

Riverland tutoring services will help you navigate your way through courses that may be difficult. At the Writing Center, we help students will all levels of writing and composition, history, law enforcement, and more. Tutors are available for just about any course.

At the Math Center, which is in the same room, we help all levels of math, including intermediate algebra, calculus, and statistics. Stop by and see us. If a tutor is available, we can help you on the spot. However, we recommend that you make an appointment either at the center or online.

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Writing and Math Center

Whether you are writing an essay, researching, or working on algebra or statistics, The Writing and Math Center is the place to discuss your writing and math needs. 


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Other Subjects

Riverland provides academic support for all subjects. The peer tutors are trained and qualified. Both in-person or online appointments are available.

24/7 Online Tutoring

Riverland provides FREE professional online tutoring through Tutor.Com in more than 118 subjects, essay reviews, practice quizzes, and much more.


Group tutoring or study groups are beneficial because they help students to stay engaged, improve attendance, and build confidence. Student's learn from one another and feel more at ease with the course content.

Off Schedule Tutoring

Request tutoring services for a course that is not currently listed in the online appointment schedule.


RiverGuide is a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program, which includes academic support  to help students with content in difficult courses through study sessions led by professional tutors.


Apply to be a Tutor

If you desire a rewarding experience with flexible scheduling, a tutoring position could be a good match for you.

Teacher Resources

We offer many faculty resources, including classroom presentations, workshops, group tutoring, supplemental instruction (RiverGuide), and more.


Types of Tutors

  1. Faculty Tutors are current Riverland instructors who teach the courses in which you need help. They have many years of experience and expertise in each field.
  2. Professional Tutors are staff members at Riverland with years of tutoring experience. They have a bachelor's degree or higher and can help in many areas.
  3. Student Tutors are Riverland students who have taken the courses they are tutoring and earned an A or B in each course. They have also gone through extensive training and are ready to help you.
Types of Tutoring

  1. In-person: In-person tutoring takes place with a faculty, professional, or student tutors on one of the 3 Riverland campuses. Most are in the Tutoring Services room N104 in the Austin east building. This is directly across from the cafeteria. When you sign up for an appointment, please choose "in-person."

How to make a Tutoring Appointment

  1. Online: Online appointments are offered through the week and on some nights and weekends. When you sign up for an appointment, choose online. Then, your tutor will shortly send you an email with the Zoom link. Please make sure you are familiar with zoom, have a reliable internet connection, and have a speaker, microphone, and camera that works. Arriving 5-10 minutes early is a great idea to make sure all of the technology is working.
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Contact Information

Tutoring Services and The Writing and Math Center
Austin Campus - East Building
Room N104

Marie Lechelt
English as a Second Language (ESLA) Instructor
Austin Campus - East Building

Cynthia Newton
Mathmatics Instructor
Austin Campus - East Building

Jane Bute
Learning Specialist - Reading

Hannah Hemann
Mathematics Instructor

Shailja Verma
Learning Specialist - Math, Business & General Studies